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Hong Kong Company Law & Practice

HKCP, published since 1993, is the pre-eminent introduction to company laws and regulations and their practical application in Hong Kong. With six updates annually, HKCP provides an extensive coverage of legal issues associated with Hong Kong’s Company Law, from incorporation and share capital, management and administration, to winding up, receivership and dissolution. With an emphasis on practical aspects, it offers strategic solutions to help minimise an organisation’s risk exposure. Readers can benefit from the expert insight in how to achieve regulatory compliance and deal with various corporate governance issues.


The author also introduces in detail the important principles and development history of Hong Kong company law, compares the statute law and case law of various common law systems, and analyzes the specific application of Hong Kong company law cases and Hong Kong company regulations in practice.


Other than these, HKCP provides the latest Hong Kong company laws and regulations and various corporate governance forms for users to download.

Ms. Judith Sihombing was formerly an Associate Professor in law at the University of Hong Kong. She combines 25 years of academic experience with 5 years practice in commercial law, conveyancing and family law when admitted to practice as a solicitor in Victoria. On leaving the University, Judith returned to the practice of the law as the Training and Professional Support Manager at Simmons & Simmons, Solicitors, Hong Kong. She is now a Visiting Scholar at the Law School of the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

(1) Incorporation of HK companies
(2) Share capital, listing and regulation of listed companies
(3) Management and administration
(4) Receivership
(5) Winding up and dissolution
(6) Foreign corporations
(7) Partnerships
(8) Companies Ordinance and related legislation


(1) Provides comprehensive and updated information about the company law environment in HK

(2) Brings together a discussion of all the pertinent Hong Kong company laws and their practical application in two accessible publications

(3) Includes various sample company forms

(4) Newsletter highlights the major points in each update and latest developments. More commercial and practical, originally written by a team of experienced  practitioners and emphasizes the practical aspects of Hong Kong Company Law within the legal framework

(5) Well-structured Topical Index and Section Finding List to facilitate quick and easy location of information

(6) Available in online format: Convenient and flexible - can be accessed at any time, from any place, by you or your team.